Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things never go as planned

From the time Noah was born I have come to realize that with a baby it means that nothing in life will ever go as planned again. Here are some things from birth till now that have not gone as planned:

1. Breastfeeding - yeah not all babies latch right away. Some must start on a bottle then go to the breast due to whatever issue they might have. So you must be prepared for this! We weren't and so the minute I was released from the hospital we were running to BabiesRus for bottles, forumula etc. All because we believed that our little munchkin would have no problems!

2. Getting to events on time - it will never fail that your beloved little bundle of joy will either fall asleep in their bed or take a giant messy poop or ask for something to eat (because they are starving mind you) right as you are about to load them up into the car to go somewhere. Oh the joy... and as they get older it's like they have a sixth-sense or something and suddenly as soon as you want to go anywhere, even if it's just to pee, they need something before their limbs begin to fall off. Ahh they say "prepare the diaper bag the night before" or "start getting everything ready at least 2 hours before you have to go" but this just isn't realistic for an over worked and super tired new parent.

3. Your lil angel will eventually not be a lil angel in restaurants or places where they have to wait more than 10 seconds after they become old enough to sit up on their own - Yep as soon as the little bugger starts to sit on their own they are now so enthralled with the world and all around them that they must partake in every little thing. Enjoy eating out while the baby can still sleep in the carrier! Now on a side note it does get better later on... but that is much later on.

4. Your husband and all that the does will drive you up the wall (or wife for that matter) - it is inevitable that the lack of sleep will one day make you want to rip your loved ones heart right out of their chest and stomp on it with all your might. This lack of sleep and the surge of hormones running through your veins are tough to deal with. No matter what other people say this happens to everyone! Little things that did nothing originally will now feel like nails going down a chalkboard... all I can say is get medicated early! hehe... but really take time to talk to your honey and express your concerns, if they don't listen well go ahead and rip that heart out, I won't tell!

Ok the list goes on and on but I need to take a break! Happy parenting!

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