Thursday, June 10, 2010

Motherhood ruins friendships (From Wordpress 5/25/2009)

Oh alright I know that is a little dramatic. However I just checked my work email (remember I'm a stay at home mom so I don't really need to check my work aka school district email) and found two letters from my team members that I was seperated from upon my departure from the middle school that were dated in February and the middle of this month. I feel horrible that I had not responded sooner, especially to the February letter. I spoke with these individuals multiple times daily and had lunch with them every day and every Friday and here I didn't respond to their letters, that were a response to mine from then. Ugh what a horrible friend I am. So I do plan to make it up to them. I am hoping to arrange a day that they can come to my humble abode and I will fix them a wonderful meal, or at least buy one and pretend I made it, hehe. I miss the comaradiere that the three of us shared and hope that we are able to regain it and visit with each other frequently from this point forward!
Oh what a horrible friend motherhood has made me!

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