Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"I"m a big kid now"

So at 21 months my munchkin has decided that he is a Big Boy. Oh the headaches this has caused mommy and daddy as we try to determine what it is that our once slightly easy going child now wants. Today it was - I will feed myself, I want to sit on my big boy chair (booster seat at the kitchen table) all by myself, I want to climb and play on things that are way too dangerous for me... oh how the list goes on!
It is amazing to watch my little one grow and develop but at the same time trying to figure out what he wants and how he wants it is exhausting. Oh well at least it's wonderful to watch him grow up!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craziness that is no nap!

Oh what a day. It seems that for the second Sunday in a row our little munchkin has decided that a nap is not on the agenda. He first decided to wake up a whole hour later than normal... he then proceeded to show signs that yes a nap is coming.... boy were we in for it when an hour after he went into his crib for the nap he was still running around the crib and bouncing off the sides! I tried food and drink but that did not help to calm and settle him. So today he had no nap! Oh the pain that will be tonight if he wakes repeatedly! Already he is waking every night at exactly midnight, for this we have no idea why, and if he were to add more awake periods tonight I may actually die from exhaustion! So my hope is that he stays conked out all night! Tomorrow is now completely up in the air since I won't know if he'll get back to his regular routine or if he'll decide that it's not that important and he'll stay awake all day again!

Toddlers definitely throw you for a loop! Just when you think that everything is starting to go smoothly they go ahead and change it up on you! Oy what a pain!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things never go as planned

From the time Noah was born I have come to realize that with a baby it means that nothing in life will ever go as planned again. Here are some things from birth till now that have not gone as planned:

1. Breastfeeding - yeah not all babies latch right away. Some must start on a bottle then go to the breast due to whatever issue they might have. So you must be prepared for this! We weren't and so the minute I was released from the hospital we were running to BabiesRus for bottles, forumula etc. All because we believed that our little munchkin would have no problems!

2. Getting to events on time - it will never fail that your beloved little bundle of joy will either fall asleep in their bed or take a giant messy poop or ask for something to eat (because they are starving mind you) right as you are about to load them up into the car to go somewhere. Oh the joy... and as they get older it's like they have a sixth-sense or something and suddenly as soon as you want to go anywhere, even if it's just to pee, they need something before their limbs begin to fall off. Ahh they say "prepare the diaper bag the night before" or "start getting everything ready at least 2 hours before you have to go" but this just isn't realistic for an over worked and super tired new parent.

3. Your lil angel will eventually not be a lil angel in restaurants or places where they have to wait more than 10 seconds after they become old enough to sit up on their own - Yep as soon as the little bugger starts to sit on their own they are now so enthralled with the world and all around them that they must partake in every little thing. Enjoy eating out while the baby can still sleep in the carrier! Now on a side note it does get better later on... but that is much later on.

4. Your husband and all that the does will drive you up the wall (or wife for that matter) - it is inevitable that the lack of sleep will one day make you want to rip your loved ones heart right out of their chest and stomp on it with all your might. This lack of sleep and the surge of hormones running through your veins are tough to deal with. No matter what other people say this happens to everyone! Little things that did nothing originally will now feel like nails going down a chalkboard... all I can say is get medicated early! hehe... but really take time to talk to your honey and express your concerns, if they don't listen well go ahead and rip that heart out, I won't tell!

Ok the list goes on and on but I need to take a break! Happy parenting!

Motherhood ruins friendships (From Wordpress 5/25/2009)

Oh alright I know that is a little dramatic. However I just checked my work email (remember I'm a stay at home mom so I don't really need to check my work aka school district email) and found two letters from my team members that I was seperated from upon my departure from the middle school that were dated in February and the middle of this month. I feel horrible that I had not responded sooner, especially to the February letter. I spoke with these individuals multiple times daily and had lunch with them every day and every Friday and here I didn't respond to their letters, that were a response to mine from then. Ugh what a horrible friend I am. So I do plan to make it up to them. I am hoping to arrange a day that they can come to my humble abode and I will fix them a wonderful meal, or at least buy one and pretend I made it, hehe. I miss the comaradiere that the three of us shared and hope that we are able to regain it and visit with each other frequently from this point forward!
Oh what a horrible friend motherhood has made me!

Back to the world May 24, 2010 from Wordpress

So I have been offline for a very very very long time! Seeing as my little munchkin required me to be away from our in home office I never had the opportunity to do much online. Now we have our internet connection downstairs (where I spend most of my day) and so I am back.
So much happens daily in my little ones life, some good, some bad, some just plain annoying! Ahh but that is the joys of parenthood.
Well I really have no idea what to write about and the little one is asking for help so I am off, for now!

So I shall begin (taken from My wordpress account)

First I must give credit to my hubby for making a lovely Binky graphic for me... ahh how I've tried all of those with my son.

So the last few weeks have been very trying. My little one has decided that having major teething pain, a very bad diaper rash, a rash from the snot running non-stop, would all be a very good thing. His entire schedule was wacky and had me (and the hubby) barely sleeping. It was so very trying and I didn't know if and when he would ever feel better, for it seemed as though everything we did made him feel worse. Well today is day two of what looks like the turn around. Vaseline seems to be doing wonders on the rash, he's back to sleeping and eating normally (during the day at least) and is in a very happy mood. I'm only hoping that this trend will continue.

As for myself I am highly disappointed. Due to the lack of sleep my body seems to feel as though it is shutting down. My joints seem to be experiencing a bad case of arthritis and I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning. All the cleaning and organizing I would like to do seems to have fallen drastically behind since I am having a terrible time moving around during the day. I'm gaining weight rather than losing weight, because I'm too tired to get up in the morning to go to the gym and I can't go at night because I wouldn't be able to go to sleep. Ugh it's so frustrating.

Well I just heard a binky drop out of the crib, our usual sign that my son is awake, and he's only been in the crib for 15 minutes and this is supposed to be his second nap of the day. I think I spoke too soon about him going back to normal! UGH!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My dear friends. Motherhood will throw you for a loop and then some... Ok and for you dads out there it will definitely affect you too. For me yesterday was one of those loop days. Everything seemed to be going normal... munchkin woke up in the morning just a little later than normal, had a great morning visiting with grandma and grandpa while the mommy did some cleaning, and then seemed to be right on target for his midafternoon nap... low and behold here is where things go astray. I'm not sure if it's because he wanted to continue playing downstairs, or if grandpa snuck some candy into him (which I doubt) but little man would not go to sleep! He spent almost 4 hours bouncing around his bed screaming, yelling, crying. So being the diligent mama I gave him cheerios, hylands tabs, tylenol, hot dog.. all of which didn't help him fall asleep. He just wouldn't... finally when I thought I would go crazy there was silence, ahh the golden silence, but alas it would only last about 20 minutes before the scream happened and he was wide awake! Blasted child had to do this right as I was getting dressed for a wedding we were supposed to be at an hour prior. Ugh so I got him then got myself ready, then gave a snack, he was then dressed and ready to go. We ended up being 2 1/2 hours late! But we were able to go to the reception, however he decided to walk/run around the place and stare at all the planes. Finally out of my own exhaustion and because his bed time was now upon us and we were almost an hour away from home we departed. Daddy thankfully took the munchkin home while I drove my own car, very slowly, home and got myself some dinner. What a day!

Now sadly these days happen more often than one would expect and it's usually when it is just munchkin and mommy. Some people say kids can feel when parents are stressed... I say bull my child just has it in for me and when ne knows something is different he just decides we're gonna do it his way and he finds the most inconvient ways to do things.

Now today so far has been a different story. He woke a little early this morning, had an excellent playdate with the local moms group and even went down for his nap early... he may even still be asleep during said nap (we are now 2 hours into it)... but there was nothing pressingly important on the schedule today, so maybe he senses that and decided today he would take it easy on me. Although I wish yesterday was more like today. Ah the fun of parenthood... Now where is my cupcake!

A little legal and rambling

There are so many things to write about as a new mom, from frustrations to joyous occasions. Since my little munchkin is now 20 months old I feel I have so much writing to catch up on, so this may seem like a jumble of thoughts with no organization, but at least I'm getting these down. And for those who may decide to copy this for a little profit please be aware that all rights are reserved and my work is copywrited, so if you want to use something you must get my expressed consent in writing before doing so.

So with a little bit of legal being said, I hope my dear friends (you know who you are) take this and learn from it or you at least get a laugh from it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The other blog

So I created a wordpress blog a few months back and am hoping to use both as a way to save my sanity. Here's hoping it works!