Monday, June 7, 2010

My dear friends. Motherhood will throw you for a loop and then some... Ok and for you dads out there it will definitely affect you too. For me yesterday was one of those loop days. Everything seemed to be going normal... munchkin woke up in the morning just a little later than normal, had a great morning visiting with grandma and grandpa while the mommy did some cleaning, and then seemed to be right on target for his midafternoon nap... low and behold here is where things go astray. I'm not sure if it's because he wanted to continue playing downstairs, or if grandpa snuck some candy into him (which I doubt) but little man would not go to sleep! He spent almost 4 hours bouncing around his bed screaming, yelling, crying. So being the diligent mama I gave him cheerios, hylands tabs, tylenol, hot dog.. all of which didn't help him fall asleep. He just wouldn't... finally when I thought I would go crazy there was silence, ahh the golden silence, but alas it would only last about 20 minutes before the scream happened and he was wide awake! Blasted child had to do this right as I was getting dressed for a wedding we were supposed to be at an hour prior. Ugh so I got him then got myself ready, then gave a snack, he was then dressed and ready to go. We ended up being 2 1/2 hours late! But we were able to go to the reception, however he decided to walk/run around the place and stare at all the planes. Finally out of my own exhaustion and because his bed time was now upon us and we were almost an hour away from home we departed. Daddy thankfully took the munchkin home while I drove my own car, very slowly, home and got myself some dinner. What a day!

Now sadly these days happen more often than one would expect and it's usually when it is just munchkin and mommy. Some people say kids can feel when parents are stressed... I say bull my child just has it in for me and when ne knows something is different he just decides we're gonna do it his way and he finds the most inconvient ways to do things.

Now today so far has been a different story. He woke a little early this morning, had an excellent playdate with the local moms group and even went down for his nap early... he may even still be asleep during said nap (we are now 2 hours into it)... but there was nothing pressingly important on the schedule today, so maybe he senses that and decided today he would take it easy on me. Although I wish yesterday was more like today. Ah the fun of parenthood... Now where is my cupcake!

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