Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craziness that is no nap!

Oh what a day. It seems that for the second Sunday in a row our little munchkin has decided that a nap is not on the agenda. He first decided to wake up a whole hour later than normal... he then proceeded to show signs that yes a nap is coming.... boy were we in for it when an hour after he went into his crib for the nap he was still running around the crib and bouncing off the sides! I tried food and drink but that did not help to calm and settle him. So today he had no nap! Oh the pain that will be tonight if he wakes repeatedly! Already he is waking every night at exactly midnight, for this we have no idea why, and if he were to add more awake periods tonight I may actually die from exhaustion! So my hope is that he stays conked out all night! Tomorrow is now completely up in the air since I won't know if he'll get back to his regular routine or if he'll decide that it's not that important and he'll stay awake all day again!

Toddlers definitely throw you for a loop! Just when you think that everything is starting to go smoothly they go ahead and change it up on you! Oy what a pain!

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