Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After a few trying days today has finally gotten to be a bit better. Dinner is over and the men of the house are upstairs playing. It's nice to skip out on my nightly chores and just sit back to listen to the sounds of giggles resonating from the upstairs bedroom. Daddy definitely knows how to make the munchkin laugh.

Baby Einstein is slowly being replaced with Sesame Street! Oh my goodness I never thought I would see the day. A few days ago I thought what they hay and I turned on a guitar episode of Seame Street. Let's just say the munchkin fell in love and now all day every day all I hear is "Street, Street" - his version of asking for Sesame. He loves watching the puppets and characters interact and gets a little bored with the cartoon segments, unless they have Elmo or Big Bird in them of course. It is rather adorable!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time goes by too quickly

I realize with the birth of a friends baby girl that it is fast approaching a month since I last blogged about anything baby related. For that I am very sorry.

It seems as my munchkin is approaching the 2 year mark every bit of the terrible twos is surfacing on a daily basis. Now he does still have those wonderfully angelic days where I could just gobble him up, but alas, that is not every day! (I wish it was) Ahh the joys of toddledom. He has become Mr. I'm a Big Boy Now! First it was wanting a big boy chair to eat, then I want to walk and hold your hand when we go anywhere outside (ok the holding the hand is forced by me and daddyand he is complying for now), to the I don't want to go near you at all because you are not standing the right way mommy! Oh my goodness how my head hurts. I do love my son to death but man there are days that I'd like to run away from his little attitude. The hubby and I wanted an independent free thinker and man did we get one! Oh goodness.

Well on to developments. He has been keeping me on my toes this last month with so many new things happening ... I think I'll just list them to make it easier on myself:
1. Going down the stairs like a big boy, AKA I don't hold on to the rail because that is for babies
2. Using 2 to 4 words together to get an idea across, such as Mommy hat please on (meaning mommy put the dang hat on)
3. He let's you know when he would like to do something, Shoes outside car - meaning lets get a move on ma
4. Pretends to give and recieve kisses from his stuffed animals and toys, pretends to draw shapes and objects
5. Loves to climb and slide
6. Finds one or two special toys for the day and takes them everywhere with himself
7. Refuses food he doesn't like and has to be coaxed into eating it, even though he liked it last week
8. Loves hotdogs, cheerios and cheese
9. Has finally started to watch and enjoy Sesame Street, and will even sit on his Tigger chair to watch, although he loves to run to the screen and touch the letters he knows
10. Can recognize most of his letters, can count to 30 on his own with just a little help, says his own version of the ABC's that starts somewhere in the middle
11. Randomly was singing Row row row your boat on Friday (I believe it was) it was so cute we made sure to get it on film

and the list goes on and on.... so many growths and developments, I definitely love watching him grow up!