Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After a few trying days today has finally gotten to be a bit better. Dinner is over and the men of the house are upstairs playing. It's nice to skip out on my nightly chores and just sit back to listen to the sounds of giggles resonating from the upstairs bedroom. Daddy definitely knows how to make the munchkin laugh.

Baby Einstein is slowly being replaced with Sesame Street! Oh my goodness I never thought I would see the day. A few days ago I thought what they hay and I turned on a guitar episode of Seame Street. Let's just say the munchkin fell in love and now all day every day all I hear is "Street, Street" - his version of asking for Sesame. He loves watching the puppets and characters interact and gets a little bored with the cartoon segments, unless they have Elmo or Big Bird in them of course. It is rather adorable!

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