Monday, August 2, 2010

The land of the sleeping

So the past 3 weeks now it seems my munchkin has only one thing on his little mind... SLEEP! Oh how I never thought I would see this happen! He has been sleeping 12 hours at night and then taking a 3 hour nap in the late afternoon! Oh my goodness how this has just thrown me for a loop! Playdates and classes have had to be canceled due to his "sleeping in" and then his slow start to the day! The hubby and I are amazed at how much the little one wants to sleep and how he is putting up a very little fight compared to in the past! Oh how nice this is, although it can be a little bit annoying as well! He is definitely growing as a result of all this sleep, and man does my body feel it every time I go to pick him up. Although he is also becoming such a smart little one. He loves starting his ABC's from the letter I, he loves to do the Gymboree log freeze at the table while eating (it so cute since he does the little shoosh thing too!), he just started to use a fork without spilling the food from the fork (ok it's a spork but he doesn't need to know that), he can climb and run with the best of them, he loves to go outside and in the car in the morning and he absolutely loves his Gymboree class (although mommy doesn't like the fact that it is moving very far away from us and the drive is not so great!), oh and he loves hearing the story "Princess Baby Night Night" right before bed! So cute.

What an amazing little boy he is indeed!

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