Thursday, June 10, 2010

So I shall begin (taken from My wordpress account)

First I must give credit to my hubby for making a lovely Binky graphic for me... ahh how I've tried all of those with my son.

So the last few weeks have been very trying. My little one has decided that having major teething pain, a very bad diaper rash, a rash from the snot running non-stop, would all be a very good thing. His entire schedule was wacky and had me (and the hubby) barely sleeping. It was so very trying and I didn't know if and when he would ever feel better, for it seemed as though everything we did made him feel worse. Well today is day two of what looks like the turn around. Vaseline seems to be doing wonders on the rash, he's back to sleeping and eating normally (during the day at least) and is in a very happy mood. I'm only hoping that this trend will continue.

As for myself I am highly disappointed. Due to the lack of sleep my body seems to feel as though it is shutting down. My joints seem to be experiencing a bad case of arthritis and I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning. All the cleaning and organizing I would like to do seems to have fallen drastically behind since I am having a terrible time moving around during the day. I'm gaining weight rather than losing weight, because I'm too tired to get up in the morning to go to the gym and I can't go at night because I wouldn't be able to go to sleep. Ugh it's so frustrating.

Well I just heard a binky drop out of the crib, our usual sign that my son is awake, and he's only been in the crib for 15 minutes and this is supposed to be his second nap of the day. I think I spoke too soon about him going back to normal! UGH!

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