Friday, November 12, 2010

Has it really been so long?

I can't believe I have not written in over 2 months! Ugh how horrible of me to be neglecting this page! I am terribly sorry for anyone out there that may actually read this blog. I will try my hardest to write at least once a week from this point on, and feel free to throw tomatoes at your computer screen if I do not.

Well so much has been occuring in my little munchkins life. He caught a cold about 3 weeks ago and his sleep and schedule has been completely off since. It did not help that at the end of his cold was the time change and that always throws me off. Take right now, he fell asleep (for his nap) at 3 and it is almost 5:30 and he is still asleep! He did wake at 6am this morning! oh did mommy not like that. I do have a plan though. I am awaiting his daddys return phone call to give my idea to him "DISNEYLAND!" Well, why not! If the munchkin sleeps any longer we can take him to that super happy place, run around, watch the fireworks and shows, etc, etc and then come home super late.... maybe just maybe if the gods are all on my side that would help the munchkin sleep in a little tomorrow and maybe even get back on some sort of schedule! Hmm here is hoping.

So our 2nd thanksgiving is just around the corner and this year rather than going across the country to see the grandparents they are coming to us! WOO HOO! The munchkin has not seen them since 2009 (in person) so this should be great. We are going to Disneyland with all the grandparents, a great-aunt and a cousin the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. I am hoping it is not too terribly crowded and that we all have fun. Then it is the normal running around etc since the hubby has to work. Thanksgiving we are feasting at my parents home with some other family members. That Friday we will be going to the Living Desert for some animal and train watching and then that night both sets of grandparents will be with us as we go watch the lights as they are turned on at the Mission Inn. It shall be a very fun and busy week and I even have to fit in cooking for more than just my usual 3! Looking forward to it though!

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